Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: The Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin CD
Label: Ski-pp (FR)
Format: CD
Catalog: ski-pp005
Release date: 2002
Order: Sold Out

"Recordings from 1981-1985. in the beginning of the 80's a vivid scene of children bands came to existence in the Hamburg suburb Bergedorf. The names of the groups were such as: Rekronstruirtes Relativpronomen, Architektonisch Sehenswertes Bauwerk, Universalanschluss and Die Egozentrischen 2. Behind the two latter ones the nowadays nearly famous sci-fi pop impresario Felix Kubin, his brother Max and a friend called Stefan Mohr were agitating. Zick-Zack boss Alfred Hilsberg supported them, organising gigs in clubs and avant-garde furniture galleries like Markthalle and Moebel Perdú. Some highlights of their work are now released by a-musik and skipp with different track selections on lp and cd." (label info)

Each track deserves a couple of brief explanations. First of all: as good as no sequencers or computers were applied. Most sounds and melodies were played by hand. Computers made to produce high-quality music, such as the "Fairlight" around 1983, were unaffordable. Namely a large percentage of people, considered at the time as un-cool, sat in front of cheap monitors of whatever kind on a daily basis for weeks, to mess around with rudimentary programming language by the name of BASIC on index cards. But that had nothing to do with music. We loved the synthetic for its own purpose, as an aesthetic phenomenon in time. As a replica of a world overwhelmed by technology. We made reference to plastic, industry, elevators, television, electronics, and out-of-function music.

This record has also been released on A-Musik with a different track selection. 
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1 Mono Vomit ('82)
2 Squeaky noise ('81) 
3 Gelegenheitsexperiment 1 ('84)
4 Fernsehpropheten ('84) 
5 Krematorien ('84) 
6 Japan Japan ('85) 
7 Dreamer's Trauma ('84) 
8 Hans is nasty ('84)
9 Quality of the state ('84) 
10 Klaustrophobie ('84)
11 Out of time ('85) 
12 What about? ('84) 
13 Brandstiftung ('84)

Szene Hamburg (DE) December 2012
Antena Kryzka (PL) 2003

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music